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Septic Receiving

The West Montrose Sanitation District (WMSD) began treating septage in 2003 with the expansion of its Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), as part of the Wastewater Service and Treatment Agreement between Montrose County, City of Montrose and WMSD.  WMSD was to treat septage temporarily until a City facility was constructed.  In 2009 the City of Montrose along with Montrose County, constructed a septage receiving facility (SRF) at the City’s WWTF.  Septage was received at the City of Montrose facility through October of 2015, at which time WMSD began receiving septage to relieve the City’s treatment system of the high increase of septage material needing to be treated.    
Through mutual planning between the West Montrose Sanitation District, Montrose County and the City of Montrose, it was determined that the WMSD facility was better equipped to treat the septage material thus leading to the re-opening of the West Montrose Sanitation District Septage Receiving Facility.  The WMSD SRF will:

  • Act as the primary septage receiving facility in Montrose County with the City of Montrose SRF acting as a secondary/back-up facility.  
  • Receive septage loads from any company who holds and maintains a “System Cleaner License” as outlined in the Montrose County Board of Health Resolution On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems Regulation Manual.  
  • Only receive Domestic Residential and Domestic Commercial septic material.


Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Saturday Appointment Only (Fee Will Apply)

Sunday Appointment Only (Fee Will Apply)

Holidays or After Hours Appointment Only (Fee Will Apply)